Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter In Pictures

We spent a great Easter with my family in Chattanooga. We headed over to Chattanooga Thursday night after Abby's soccer practice. And enjoyed a long weekend with family and friends. Here are a few dozen pictures of our Easter Sunday. I will post pictures from our the rest of the weekend later. But enjoy these for now.

Our Easter Family Picture

All the kids looking at the camera at the same time. You wouldn't believe the number of pictures we took before we got this one.

Gabe posed for this picture after church. I'm not sure why he headed to the rock wall and did this but I thought it was a pretty good picture of him. It's amazing how much he is growing up on me. He is more a young man than a boy now!!
This was the Egg Hunt bunch. All seven cousins and then a family friend's kids. We hid over 300 eggs for the kids to find. They had a blast!

Food Time!! We had a huge spread of food to enjoy and pig out on. It was such a beautiful day that we ate lunch in my sister's backyard. It was a beautiful setting for lunch.

All the kids together. Someone pointed out that all the girls had green cups and all the boys had yellow. No one did this on purpose either.

Enjoying good food and conversation.

Mimi bought some colored hair spray and got a taste of her own medicine.

And so did Googey!! Let's hope that it all washed out!


Carrie said...

So fun! I love the girls' dresses and matching outfits! As always, they are super adorable! And Gabe is getting so grown up...I was saying the same about Alex...that he's not the little cute chubby boy anymore! haha! Glad you had so much fun with your family!

Carmom said...

Carrie, Did I mention that I made the girls' dresses? It was a lot of fun. I hope to make them again next year. And maybe for Christmas too.

Aubrey said...

Great pictures Carmen. You had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy Easter with your family and friends. I too, love the girls dresses. They are adorable and you did an outstanding job on them. Miss you!!