Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Water Falls

When we bought this house we were excited that the kids would have their own bathrooms. And the fact that our bedroom was on a different floor from the kids was even better. Now I am beginning to have doubts that this is a plus. Tonight for example is one of those moments when I think if we were on the same floor this might have been stopped before if became a problem. But come to think of it I might not have noticed until I walked downstairs.

What am I rambling on about now?

Well to my surprise I walked out of my room after showering tonight only to discover water pouring out of the light fixtures in the kitchen. Running upstairs, I am yelling at the top of my lungs there water flooding from somewhere. Gabe looks at me and says, "I know. It's my bathroom I didn't turn off the water in my sink." He said it like it was an everyday occurance.

Mopping up the tremendous amount of water and using most of the towels upstairs I call Matt to tell him about the problem. Finally, after taking my frustration out on him, so sorry about that honey, I make it downstairs to assess the damage. There is still water streaming out of the light fixtures and one of the light bulbs is now black with the paint looking marbled.
I start mopping up the floor and counters. Then I climb up on the bar stools to start drying off the light fixtures. Pulling down the light fixtures I literally pour water out. I call Matt back to tell him to what extent the damage seems to be and then ask if I should call Rob, who is a handyman and friend, to come over and advise me on what to do. Matt calls Rob and he comes over. I have to say I enjoyed giving him a glimpse of what he has to look forward to with his two boys.
Rob assessed by cutting holes in my ceiling. It seems like we will be able to dry things out without too much trouble but we will have to assess more tomorrow. We have placed fans in both the bathroom and kitchen in the hopes of drying everything out. As soon as everything is dry we will patch and paint the ceiling. Hopefully, we will be lucky and won't have to pull out the bathroom sink to get everything dry. Right now I am strongly considering locking Gabe out of his bathroom and never allowing him in there again.

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Laura said...

Oh my! I remember doing this when I was like four in my parents new house. I thought it would be fun to plug the sink and watch the water run over like a waterfall. My mom still talks about it today. We lived in a tri-level at the time and it soaked through two floors. Hope you were able to fix things without incurring to much of an expense. Bet Gabe won't do that again! Laura