Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quick Visit form the Parents

We had a great weekend. Sunday my parents called and said they were coming up to watch Gabe and Abby play in their basketball game. Needless to say, both kids were excited to have their grandparents come to watch them play. Elizabeth was beside herself with joy at having undivided attention, sort of, during the game. She couldn't decide with whom to sit. Gabe scored his first basket and gave a little arm pump and huge grin when he did. And in my usual form I cried to see him so happy. He was losing his confidence since his little sister made two baskets last week. He played an awesome game and both of my parents said so as well.

After basketball we came home and the kids and boys hung out while Mom and I went shopping at Kohls. We had a good time with it being just us. After we finished shopping we came home and ate dinner which my dad had already started. Dad headed home and Mom stayed for a quick visit with us going shopping yesterday. We had fun doing a little shopping.

We came home and ate dinner and did homework. After the dinner dishes were cleaned up and the kids were ready for bed we introduced Mimi to the Wii Fit. Mimi had so much fun she has decided to get one for herself and is already trying to decide which room she's going to put it in. I told her that the kids would enjoy her having one as well.

Because it was snowing my dad met us half-way when I took her home this morning. We both wished that we could have visited a little longer. I am looking forward to our next visit which will probably be spring break.

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Aubrey said...

We really miss you here in Columbus, but we are so happy that you get to be so close to your family Carmen. What a fun weekend for you all.