Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From Basketball to Soccer and Martial Arts

We are moving from basketball into soccer. Well, at least Abby is going to be playing soccer. Gabe didn't enjoy the sport when he played so we are signing him up for Martial Arts, just don't know which one yet. So before we get into the soccer and the Martial Arts thing I wanted to look back at our basketball season. Both Gabe and Abby had a great season and enjoyed it a lot.

Gabe started the season out very unsure often passing the ball as soon as he got his hands on it. After some practice and encouragement from us, his grandparents and the coach he started trying to dribble and shoot the ball more. In the last four games he scored at least one basket each time. In his final game he actually got fouled and shot a free throw. He didn't make it but at least he hit the rim and didn't air ball it. Gabe surprised us all with his hustling up and down the court. Looking at his face you could see the effort and determination that he would get the ball and guard his man. He loved playing and had been hoping that there was another session of basketball starting. Since there wasn't we will continue to practice on his ball handling and shooting skills and see where this new found love of basketball takes us.

Abby also had a great season. During her first game she was so unsure of what she was suppose to do that she stood around watching the action. With a little coaching though she came out of her shell and was all over the court. She was a hustler. She seemed to be all over the court rebounding the ball and trying to block shots. She made her first basket in the third game and boy was her brother jealous. From that point on she had at least one basket every game. And the smile on her face was priceless. She was often a little aggressive when it came to the ball though. There were times she was trying to take the ball from her own teammate! Which was pretty normal it seemed for the whole of that age group. But it did bother both Matt and I a little. So much for us teaching sharing!! There were several parents who commented on her ability and her energy and said that she is really good. But we will just have to wait to see if her interest remains on basketball or wonders off into another uncharted territory.

The season will be ending officially this weekend at the YMCA with a trophy ceremony. We still aren't sure if we are going or not since our Spring Break starts this weekend and we are trying to figure out something fun to do. So anywho that's it for basketball now onto our next adventures in sports. And for your viewing pleasure a few shots of the kids playing.

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Carrie said...

Sounds like they did great and had fun! Emily still wants to sign up for anything I suggest :) And Alex would be fine to do nothing...but has fun by the time it's all over, but he does not care for soccer either! Can't wait to hear about the next round of sports! Fun pictures and enjoy your Spring Break! It's finally warming up here!