Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks Tank Thursday

Focusing on the things I am thankful for can be beneficial to not just me but my whole family. I have found that when I look for all the things I can be thankful for and start my list early in the week I have a much better week. And if as the saying goes, "If momma ain't happy then no body's happy." Meaning that if I have a good week then everyone else does too. Though I do try to keep my mood in check on those bad days. It's also helpful to see in writing everything I have to be thankful for. Even if your week is just one of those that you want to hurry up and go away take a few minutes to focus on what good is happening in your life or even the life of friends and family. After all our family is a reflection of us as well since we are the ones helping to raise them. And our friends triumphs can be springs for us to notice some of the same things happening in our lives. So anyway, here are the things that I am thankful for this week.

1. One Year Bible- Though I did not start reading this until the beginning of February I am really enjoying it. I have always wanted to read my way through the Bible but have never been able to stick with it. So far I am remembering to read it every single night. And because it is divided into days it is much more manageable for me. You read a part of the Old Testament, the New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb.

2. Enthusiasm- I have enjoyed watching the kids enthusiasm with basketball. They look forward to both the practices and games. They put their hearts into the whole sport. It's also been fun watching them as they play and work together on their skills in the backyard. Matt and I have even gotten involved with them.

3. Sewing- I am so thankful that Matt bought me a sewing machine for my birthday several years ago. This hobby has given me and the people I have made things for lots of enjoyment and happiness, especially my girls. I am looking forward to getting some pjs made for Gabe. He always wants something made by me but there are so few things I can make that he would be interested in wearing. But pjs are something that is easy to make and can be made out of pretty much any fabric.

4. Spring like Days: This weekend we had beautiful weather. The kids really enjoyed spending their time out side in the spring like weather with blue skies and sunshine. Matt and I both said, though we enjoyed our company, that it was too bad we had company coming because we would have used the beautiful weather to get the garage cleaned out and organized. Something that we have been wanting to do since we moved into our house.

5. Coffee- I love my coffee. Unfortunately, I would drink the stuff all day long. But it's nice sitting back after dropping the kids off at school and Elizabeth is playing peacefully and enjoying that hot steaming cup of coffee. It's also nice after the kids are in bed enjoying a nice steaming cup of decaf. This is something that Matt and I do often in the evenings.

6. Exercise- WOW! I can't believe that I am saying this one. , because I do not enjoy exercising but, I am so thankful for exercise. I am loving the way I am feeling with just a few days of moving my body everyday. It has really helped me to get better sleep and to help me feel good about myself and what I am doing.

7. Sunshine- I am so thankful for sunshine. It makes me feel good and boy do I look forward to warmer weather days. One of the reasons we bought our house was for the amount of sunlight our windows let in. I get such a joyful feeling when I get up in the mornings and see the sunshine just waiting to pour in those windows.

8. Matt- Matt has had a busy couple of weeks with work. It is crunch time on several projects that are causing him to work late and even to bring work home from the office. I am so thankful to have a husband who works so hard for his family and then spend his weekends with us doing fun things. I am truly thankful that GOD has put such a wonderful man in my life who also happens to be my best friend.

9. Pictures- I am thankful for pictures. I love to take them, blog them and just look through them. I can't imagine life without being able to see all the memories we are making. It's amazing how quickly the kids change and grow.

Have a great rest of the week. I hope all of you are able to find things to be thankful for this week. And I hope you have a great weekend.

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