Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks Tank Thursday

Here are the things I am thankful and a few of my prayers this week. I hope you join me in being thankful and prayerful. And I hope that you have a great week.

I am thankful for my bloggy friend Carey over at Life in the Carpool Lane. She is going through the adoption process for her daughters. She is adopting a daughter in China and in Africa. In the last day she has moved up 3 spots and is that much closer to bringing home her daughter.

I am thankful that my friend and blog buddy Carrie over at Martin Manor Happenings is feeling better and recovering from her mouth surgery.

I am thankful that Aubrey over at Aub's World didn't break her foot when she took a fall last week. I am also thankful that Aubrey's daughter Makenzie is recovering from her surgery and the catheter is being removed in a matter of hours.

This week I am also praying. I am praying for the people in Haiti who have lost their homes, loved ones and who are having trouble finding the most basic of human necessities. I am also praying for the families who are left to wonder what has happened to their loved ones who have not been found yet. Or what is going to happen to those who have been hurt. My heart goes out to each and everyone of these people. I am thankful to hear the stories of people like the husband who didn't give up on finding his wife. As rubble was being moved away he would go in and search for her. And find her he did. She was under the rubble of the building she worked in for 6 days without food or water. She was alive. When they pulled her out she was singing and praising God. What a wonderful miracle and blessing for the family and for those who witnessed this miracle.

I am also thankful for the great walk I had with my mom and family this weekend. It was such a blessing to be able to enjoy this world that God created for us to live in until it's our time to b with Him. Here are a few pictures of what we did and saw as we enjoyed our walk together.

The black dots in the tree are a couple of roosting Buzzards.

Starting up the path.

This is an old stacked rock wall about 10 feet off the path.

A cool looking knot in a tree.

Gabriel throwing rocks into the river at the end of the trail.

Elizabeth checking out a really cool rock and tree stump formation.

Another really cool knot in a tree.


Carrie said...

thanks Carmen :) My mouth is doing better...just can't wait to bite into a big cheeseburger and chips and salsa, haha! But thankful I still have food to eat :)

I love the trail...I can't wait to get outside and walk soon! So nice to spend time with your mom for the weekend! take care! ;)

Jane Anne said...

Beautiful list! I haven't stopped by Carey's blog in a long time. I'm glad you mentioned her. That hike looks like loads of fun.

Aubrey said...

Thanks so much Carmen. I am thankful I didn't break my foot/ankle as well. Kenzie is recovering quickly and is getting back to her oldself everyday. Crazy Kenzie!!

I love your pictures of the hike you took. What fun!!