Friday, December 11, 2009

The Games People Play

Over Thanksgiving my entire immediate family came to visit. We had a lot of fun visiting with each other and stuffing our faces. The kids had the most fun, I think. My sister came prepared with some fun games for us all to play. Which brought out the child in all of us. This particular game was my favorite. For the first round you had to build a tower as tall as you could with 12 toothpicks and 15 marshmallows. The second round was for the most creative creation. In the second round you could use as many toothpicks and marshmallows as you wanted.

This is Matt's dog. Look behind the dog. What do you see?

My father's tower won the first round for the tallest.

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Jane Anne said...

Hey Carmen! Great to hear from you. This game would be a hit at my house. Too fun!! Love Matt's picture!