Sunday, August 02, 2009

Photo Shoot

While visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago I tried to get some good pictures of the kids. My mother has a wonderful backyard water feature with 3 tiers of waterfalls ending in a pond. The landscaping around it lent a beautiful backdrop for my pictures. The only thing I needed were my children and their cooperation. I had lots of fun taking the pictures and think I got some pretty decent ones. Especially with my point and shoot camera. I probably should have borrowed my sisters DSL camera. Anyway, here are several of the best pictures I took and then some fun ones as well.

Gabriel was the most cooperative of the whole bunch. He did not want to put his feet in the water because he said it was too cold. So he looks to me like he is ready to jump off the rock and into the water.

I think this one is really a good one. I just wish she had been looking at the camera instead of Matt.
Out of all the pictures I took of Elizabeth there are none with her smiling. She was distracted by everything around her...
The branches on the Hemlock.
The flower in her hands.
Her daddy trying to get her to smile. So she shows him her flower.
Making silly faces when we did to try to get her to smile.
Blowing a kiss to daddy when he did.
And here I managed to bring all three together for some pretty good pictures.

And one last picture of Abby in Mimi's rock garden.


Carrie said...

Carmen, these are so adorable! I think they turned out awesome! The camera definitely loves them :)

I always envision what the picture will look like when I want to take them, but my kids always have different ideas! Hope to see you soon! I'm slowly trying to get back to reality!

Aubrey said...

Simply adorable!