Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lots Of Changes Happening

Wow!! A lot has been happening in our lives lately. Shortly after we returned from our Tennessee vacation visiting with extended family Matt was asked to interview for a job in HR department (Human Resources). The funniest thing is he had just finished emailing me to let me know he intended to apply for the job.

Well, he has interviewed and and gotten the job. So now the fun has begun for us to prepare the house for market and to move to Tennessee. This has mixed feelings for me as I have settled in, made friends and had a very active life volunteering and being active in the community, in short I am happy here.

But, on the flip side, I am so excited for Matt to be moving into a job that he really wants and has wanted since graduatng from MTSU 12 years ago. I am also excited that we will be closer to our families, two hours from mine and three from Matt's. Our kids will be able to see their grandparents more than a handful of times a year and that is priceless. The grandparents will be able to see their grandkids grow up and maybe even attend a special event or two. So as I clean-up the house and we make repairs that we had been putting off for later I am looking forward to settling into our new home, wherever it might be.

I do have to say it is exciting for us as we look for houses. We have been exploring housing options on the internet since he started interviewing. And now Matt has moved to my way of thinking and we will be visiting Murfreesboro soon to look with a realtor because we are both tired of looking online and want to see what is out there in person.

In the meantime the kids have started school and are loving it. And my activities are moving continuing on as normal as can be. I do hope that our move does not disrupt the kids too much but they are young and should be just fine. Both Gabe and Abby are not shy and are just as excited as Matt to be moving closer to their grandparents, though I do think it has more to do with being closer to the cousins they love than the grandparents (shh), but don't tell them that.

I met with our choices of realtors yesterday and this morning. Now I am waiting on them to get all their paperwork into the relocation agency so that our house will be on the market. Hey, I even received flowers from one of them today. I called my husband and let him know that someone was sending me flowers. I just wish I could convey his tone of voice when he asked, "Who?" It was priceless.

So I will keep everyone informed of our moving situation as they occur. Right now I want things to get a move on so that the count down can begin. Wish us luck for an awesome offer on our house so that we can get moved and settled (sigh) though I will miss all my friends (sniff...sniff).


Carrie said...

{sniff...sniff} me too :(

we will really, really miss you...but so awesome for you guys! I hope we can keep in touch..at least through blogging still...but I will miss you!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What an exciting time! Congrats to your husband on landing the job...
And your kids should be fine...my dad was in the military so we moved every couple of years and I'm none the worse...I think. ;)