Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesdays Tips For Summer Survival-Shapes

Life In The Car Pool Lane
Tuesday's Tips for Summer Survival (TTSS) is a weekly carnival to help mamas survive the long summer days started by Carey over at Life in the Carpool Lane. The goal is to share kid-friendly tips so we can end up on the other side of this summer with what little sanity we had when we started. Be sure to head over and see everyone else's tips to survive the summer.

Elizabeth, my youngest, is working on learning her shapes and colors. Gabe and Abby are helping her to learn them. So we decided we needed to have a shape day. Many activities were discussed and a few were chosen. Here are the favorites of the day. A shape hunt throughout the house and yard ensued with the kids bringing me balls, hula hoops, cushions, place mats, DVD cases, and more. I wish I had taken pictures of the running around but they were bringing so much so fast I couldn't keep up. Next on the agenda was play dough. The kids love play dough and to ease the clean up I took it outside. The kids loved making animals and more things. I took the opportunity to make shapes with the cookie cutters and to ask Elizabeth to name the shapes.

We then had a shape lunch. Can you name all the shapes? I bet you can. The girls loved the food shaped like shapes.
This was the ending to a morning of shape fun. The two girls went down for naps and Gabe read and played a little Playstation. It was a fun day. Now I need to find fun stuff that will help keep all the kids entertained at the same time.


Aubrey said...

Great pictures Carmen. What a great idea and how much fun. You are a wonderful mommy!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a great idea! And I love that you came up with so many fun activities in one theme. Hmmm, I think I need to do a color day for my youngest...

Thank you so much for participating! I hope you'll come back next week too! (And sorry I'm getting over here so late...I'm not sure where my brain is!)

Night Owl Mama said...

great idea looks like they had a great time