Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

With so much going on lately I have barely sat down at my computer. In the past couple of weeks it's mainly been only long enough to check my email and reply to the important stuff. There are so many things to be thankful for right now....

1. Matt's Job: Cummins has been laying people off within the last couple of weeks. It has first started with giving out early retirement packages to those who are of retirement age. Those were handed out last week. Next week they will begin handing out lay-off/firings. It seems like Matt will miss this round despite the fact that he is a project manager and they are generally some of the first to go. So right now I am thankful that he has a job. On a side note it is very interesting all the different things wives have heard from their husbands about the layoffs. It seems like everyone has a different story.

2. BUNCO: Every month I am thankful for this simple, fun and relaxing evening. Last night I hosted. I had a friend come to just socialize with us who I haven't seen in a while. It was nice to get together with her. We also changed things up with a cookie swap. Which brings me to my next thankful thought.

3. Homebaked Goodies: I have been enjoying some wonderful homebaked goodies last night and today. The kids have really enjoyed them too.

4. My Children: I have such good children. I sometimes forget how good they really are but I was reminded last night with their behavior. Matt upexpectedly went to Nashville last night and I didn't have a babysitter. They played quietly in the basement, helped me, and then went to bed without much trouble. They never once left their rooms after lights out. I had several other moms asking how I did it.

5. Christmas Music: I love Christmas Music!! It brings me such joy. I enjoy both the traditional and some of the newer. Yesterday, I took the time to download several of my CDs to my i-Pod and now I have Christmas music in my car without all the CDs. And we were able to have festive music for last night too.

6. Knowing Matt will be home tonight.

7. Gift Jars: I am so thankful I discovered gift jars. We have been making gift jars for the kids teachers. The kids can help so it's something they helped to make.

8. The Girls' Christmas Program: The girl's had a great time with their Christmas program yesterday. Abby sang and did the motions beautifully. I was also thankful that Matt's meeting let out early and he was able to be there.

9. The Blessings Of Christ's Birth.

I hope you can and do take some time to be thankful.


Jane Anne said...

Such a wonderful list! Thanks for the reminder about gift jars. I might do some of those myself.

Noah said...

Great list! That's the christmas spirit!