Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

It's time once again to fill up the Thanks Tank. There is always something to be thankful for, even the simple things like having food to eat and a roof over your head that we take for granted. Take to time to be thankful and let your kids hear it too, because then you will be setting the example for them to be thankful. Here are the things I am happy for right now.

1. Beautiful Fall Weather: I thought I was ready for cooler weather, but this week we've had sunny days in the mid to upper 70's. It's be beautiful.

2. Fall Colors: I have really been enjoying the fall leaves this week. It seems that all of a sudden the trees changed into the most vibrant colors. It's been beautiful.

3. Elizabeth getting better: I am thankful that Elizabeth is getting over the croup that she has been suffering from since Halloween. It also seems that those pesky allergies are getting a little better now too.

4. Abby's Excitement with the Igloo: Abby was beside herself in anticipation of making her Igloo with her Daddy. She could wait until he got home so they could build it together.

5. Gabriel's excitement and great picture taking: When I told Gabriel to take pictures last night I wasn't sure what I would see when I got home. To my surprise he took some great shots. He was so excited that I gave him that task.

6. Volunteering: Last week I was able to volunteer in Gabriel's classroom. He was so excited that I could come. We play the Right/Left game which is often used at Christmas parties for exchanging gift. I used it to help reinforce right/left hand with the kids. I will also be helping out in his class on Tuesday mornings now. I guess we will see how that goes.

7. Coffee in the mornings and hot tea at night: I enjoy both of these things. Something about the ritual is calming to me.

8. Family coming for Thanksgiving: I heard from my sister earlier this week. She let me know that she and her family would be joining us for Thanksgiving. I offered to keep the kids for her if she and her husband wanted to get a hotel for some couple time. I was glad I could do this for them. I hope they know I meant it. And it's th least I could do since the kids temd to sleep at their house when we visit.

9. Bible Study: Though things have come up and I have not made it to our MOPS Bible Study yet I am really enjoying the book we are using. I am getting a lot out of it. Matt even said he would do the study with me. I think we could both benefit from it.

I hope you are able to take few moments to be thankful. Even if you don't make out a list such as this one it is a good habit to get into. Enjoy the rest of the week and your weekend.

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