Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Awesome MOM

TEsterday on when I dropped Gabriela off at school he asked what cone I thought I would pick him up in front of. I asked how many cones there were and he told me 12. I picked the number 4 and told him that would be the cone.

Fast forward to pick up time and sure enough I picked him up in front of cone number 4.

Later that afternoon Matt called and asked if I had seen his wallet. I told him no it wasn't on my dsk and then proceeded to go over his day with him. We got ready for church but for some reason we were 15 minutes late and decided to go to breakfast instead. Matt paid for the meal. I kept telling him that he had on dress pants what about those. "No, they must be in my jeans. I put on jeans."

He got off the phone so he could panic. I went upstairs found his pants and there was his wallet. I called him back and let him know how awesome I am.


Jane Anne said...

Now if your pick up line is anything like ours, it was pretty tricky to be at cone 4#!! Thanks for sharing this. It is a reminder to me to recognize what I am doing right.

Carmom said...

YOu don't have a coice as to which cone you will end up with. Our pick up is a loop with the cones lining up in frontf the school. I thought it was kinda neat that that happened.

Noah said...

That is pretty neat!
My school doesn't have a pickup line, it's a middle school.:-(
Amy's pickup line has maybe seven cones I think.