Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

Well, time got away from me yesterday and last night with all the preparations for the girls' open house. I was involved because I was on the committee to help out and I also had to make sure copies of the Fall Festival Flyer and the Scrips Order forms were ready to be handed out since I am chairing both of those committees. Matt keeps telling me I take on too much and he is right. I just have a hard time saying No when I know that people are needing help or that no one else is stepping up. Anyway, here is my thankful list for this week.

Open House: The girls had a great time last night at open house. They loved seeing old friends and meeting their new teachers. Both seem to be excited to go to school, especially Abby who insisted that school started today and that she wouldn't have to wait until Monday.

School Starting: I am thankful that school will be starting next week. I am looking forward to being able to get the house clean without turning around and seeing I have another mess to clean up.

Ballet: This week Abby started Ballet. She has been asking to take Ballet since the beginning of the summer. Most classes were on break for the summer so we waited until this week. Did you know that little girls are extremely narcissistic. Abby favorite part about dance was the full length mirror in which she could watch her every move.

Football: My men are so looking forward to the football season starting and I so enjoy their excitement. Gabriel has even started counting down the days until Tennessee football starts. (Sorry Jane Anne I hope Seth doesn't torture you too much with those UT clothes.) ;)

Biking: I am thankful that we decided to go ahead and purchase our bikes. Matt rode his to class last night and we ride ours to school every morning and afternoon. And when time allows in the evenings we ride on the people trails. I have been thinking that I may even try to figure out a safe route to the girls' preschool. I have rediscovered an old love.

Playing Chase: I love it when Elizabeth starts a game of chase with me. She will give me an squinty eyed grin and then take a couple of steps away and then come back until I chase her. Then she lets me catch her so I can tickle her. It really makes for a good time.

Watching my children grow and learn. I have noticed so many changes in the kids lately. Gabriel is more independent and is loving school, even if I have to force him to do his homework. Abby is so excited to be learning all the things her brother has learned. Her hand writing is improving and she surprises me everyday with the things she has picked up on.

Elizabeth's vocabulary just keeps growing. And even though it can be frustrating her "Me do it!!" attitude is fun to watch because most of the time she can do it.

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Jane Anne said...

Too Funny! Seth is off from work this morning and I convinced him to get up to get Elisabeth when she woke up. Guess what she is wearing?! She looks cute in the UT clothes... course she always looks cute...
Seth is pretty excited about football, too.

Great list!