Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

Hello to everyone! What a week we have had in the Collier Household. Since we came back from Florida it seems like we haven't stopped. So another week has flown by and it's time to do my weekly Thanks Tank Thursday list. This has been such a wonderful thing for me because it has helped me to focus on all the positive blessings in my life. So here goes and I hope you take the time to be thankful as well. We should always remembr to give our thanks to God. Take Care.

1. Healthy Kids: Even though Abby is having surgery on Monday I am so thankful that she is so healthy. As I talked to the pre-register nurse and she asekd her list of questions I was able to say no to almost everything and I felt this was such a blessing. The only trouble Abby has is trigger thumb and a quick snip of the tendon and a week in bandages will take care of the problem. But there are so many kids who are not that lucky.

2. Extra Activities for the kids: Right now Gabriel is playing flag football. It is so much fun to see him enjoying himself on the field. I don't think he will ever be super good. But having fun is really all that matters. The only thing that he needs to learn is not to tackle and trip. He's watched way too much football with his dad.

3. Reconnections: Thanks to my brother-in-law and some friend from Oregon we have become members of facebook. IT has been so much fun to reconnect with friends we haven't talked to since college or in some cases even longer. I am so thankfu for these reconnections.

4. BUNCO: Last night I hosted our MOPS Bunco night at our house. Though we had to move the party inside we still had a wonderful time. I am so thankful for this group of ladies who have blessed me with their friendships. If I hadn't found this group of women I don't know that I would have been as happy here.

5. Good Choices: I know that some of the choices I have made were the right ones. And knowing this is a huge blessing to me.

6. Attentive Siblings: Both Gabriel and Abby are so attentive to Elizabeth. It's funny to watch them as they try to mother her. And most of the time she dosn't want anything to do with it. I love the fact that they love her and want to spend time with her. That is unless they are trying to clean their rooms and then she is a whirl wind of mess and they want her out. But it is a blessing that they are so good with her. I'm not sure how she is going to handle both of them being gone during school this year.

7. My Mother: I am so thankful that my mother is coming to watch Gabe and Elizabeth while we take Abby to Riley on Monday. Without her help we would have had to divide forces. This way we can both go with her.

8. My Plants: I have really been enjoying my plants this week, except for skimming them off the top of the pool. They are just beautiful and relaxing to me.

9. Fresh Fruits and Veggies: We have begun to really eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in the last couple of months. The kids and I and I think even Matt have enjoyed having the variety. We are even thinking about starting a raised vegetable bed for next year. The kids have also enjoyed being able to pick a new fruit or vegetable at the grocery store and then help me prepare it. They always manage to eat it that way too.

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Jane Anne said...

I love your list!! SO many wonderful things... I am enjoying facebook, as well. I managed to get both my sisters to join this week. I am laughing because a social networking tool will probably help my sisters and I stay in touch better!!