Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

We had a wonderful vacation at the beach. It was a lot of fun and none of us really wanted to leave and return to our normal stress filled lives. But once we hit the road we were ready to come home. So that will start off my thankful list for this week.
1. Vacation: We had a wonderful vacation with my parents and my sister's family. It's always fun to see the cousins playing together. I hope they always get along this well.
2. Safe Travels: I am glad that our travels were safe to and from Florida. I am also gald that Matt's travels have been safe thus far as well. He should be home tonight.
3. Babysitters: I am glad I have a babysitter for tonight so that I can attend the monthly Ladies Night Out with the Newcomers club.
4. A Clean house: I cleaned the house before we left on vacation so all I really had to do was unpack and put things away. I am thankful that that was all I had to do.
5. Reading Time: I enjoy read time. Both the time I sit and read and snuggle with the kids and the times that I listen to Gabriel as he reads. He is doing so well, that is as long as he does his best.
6. The World God Created: I am thankful for this world god has created. As we drove down to Florida I enjoyed the different landscapes and sunrises and sunsets. Seeing these things outside of my comfort zone helps me to be thankful for this world around us.
7. Games kids play: I have enjoyed listening and watching the kids at play as they invent games and play them together.
8. New Recipes: I have been enjoying trying out new recipes. I even made a pretty good chicken salad from scratch that I made up if I say so myself. But I have also done some more complicated recipes as well.
Take the time to think about what you are thankful for this week.


Jane Anne said...

Such a fantastic list!! A babysitter still sounds wonderful. I am having trouble finding one. Also, I went through #4 after traveling and it was the best feeling!! I love your thankful list. I hope Matt is home safe and sound.

P.S. Seth was really excited about those UT clothes for Elisabeth. I told him they were from Matt. Thankfully Matt's name was on the return address. Good thing or I might be boycotting this blog!!! (JK, of course!)

Carmom said...

So are you going to allow Seth to put the clothes on her? Matt was pretty excited about the clothes too.