Monday, July 07, 2008

Our Wonderful Weekend

Our long holiday weekend was a nice and somewhat relaxing one. On the third we went to the park with the kids and then watched the local fireworks display. On the 4th we got together with some friends for dinner and purchased fireworks. Gabriel wasn't prepared for the first one and his reaction was priceless, I just wish I had caught it on tape or on film. Saturday Matt and I started downloading all of our music to iTunes. And what a collection we have. I made the comment that some of the musicians would be appalled to be sittin next to some others. We have a very wide variety of music between the two of us. Sunday we started making decisions on the basement and went to our local home improvement store to purchase paint and flooring for the bedroom down there. We will probably have someone else come in and carpet the rest of the room if that is what we decide to do. It depends on how easily the installation of the hardwood laminate goes and if Matt thinks he can do an entire room. We also went to the local playground and played after dinner. We discussed making a weekly trip to the playground. The kids had so much fun and we did too. I hope you all had great weekends too. I am now going to clean my house and pack for Atlanta and get started packing for Florida.

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