Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to the Everyday Occurances

Monday evening we returned from Florida. Tuesday I spent most of the day trying to get things unpacked and sorted. I also headed to the grocery store during Matt's lunch hour, Matt and the kids had pizza while I shopped, so that I could get the things I needed before he headed out of town. Matt left yesterday for Clovis, New Mexico and will return Thursday night. Gabriel starts football practice today and is very excited about it. Abby is chomping at the bit for me to sign her up for ballet and gymnastics. So I have added those things to my to do list. I also have back to school shopping to start and need to figure out a get well gift for Abby for after her hand surgery. Both of her hands will be bandaged for a week and I don't know how easily she will be able to use her thumbs since that is what they are correcting. She also won't be able to get her hands wet during that time either. And next week I am hosting our MOPS Bunco group here and need to get the house under control as well as the back yard. I really wish I had a truck right now because I need to pick up gas and don't want the fumes in the car with the kids. Maybe that can be Matt's next vehicle. Anyway, things are returning to the everyday and activities and school are starting again. I really can't believe that school is starting back in two weeks and that Gabriel is old enough for football already.

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