Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

We've had a busy week week this week with so many activities, appointments and events. It seems like the weeks are just flying by. Part of me is glad for that and then on the other hand I would like to be able to enjoy them more. Lesuirely Summer does not seem to be a phrase that can describe our summer. I didn't sign the kids up for a lot of camps because I wanted them to enjoy the summer and just have fun but it still seems like we are doing a lot anway. Anywho, it's time to give thanks for everything big and little going on in my life.

Books on Tape: We've been borrowing books on tape from the library. The great thing about it is that you can borrow them for 3 weeks at a time. We've been using them for car rides and for rest time. Gabriel doesn't really need naps anymore but he does need somedown time as do I and books on tape have been a life saver for us all. He enjoys listening to the stories and I am able to get work done while the girls are napping and he is resting.

Cooking with the kids: I started trying to cook with the kids at least once a week. This week we made pudding popscicles. We just mixed the pudding and put it in the popscicle molds. It was easy and fun. Abby also helped me make a pie.

Grocery Shopping: This weekend I took just Gabriel to the grocery store with me. He is such a good helper. He helped to find things on the list and mark them off. Though sometimes he did get pen happy marking off more than we had bought. I also invited Gabriel to choose one fruit and one vegetable he had never had before. He chose Rainer Cherries and Summer Squash. The kids have enjoyed eating both. On my next trip I will be sure to let Abby choose something.

Girl Talk: Last night I had some wonderful conversation with some good friends and new friends. It was nice being able to relax and enjoy myself.

MOPS Cookbook: At the end of MOPS I put together a cookbook with recipes that everyone had sent me throughout the year. The cookbook has been wonderful. I am so glad to have so many delicious recipes that are family friendly. And some of the brunch recipes are wonderful as well. I am planning on taking this cookbook with me when we go to Florida since we will be cooking our meals at the house.

The Kids Excitement: Last night I hosted BUNCO at my house. The kids and Matt left for dinner and everyone showed up to play. We set up out by the pool. At some point Matt and the kids came home and got ready for bed. I caught the kids peeking out through the blinds of my room. I waved and they both started bouncing with excitement. It was so cute and such a joy.

I hope you are able to take the time to look for the little things in life that you are thankful for. Enjoy your day and your weekend and remember that God has given use so much and he never places anything before us that we can't handle with his help. Have a Great weekend.

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Jane Anne said...

Great list! It's 6:30 here and I still haven't gotten to mine. It'll have to happen after the kids are in bed. Anyway, I love the pudding popsicle idea! I have been making our own popsicles but I hadn't thought about pudding pops. I already have pudding so that's going to be a great treat for tomorrow!!