Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lost Tooth #3

Yesterday Gabriel lost one of his top front teeth. It really wasn't quite ready to come out but Gabriel messed with it so much that it ended up coming out anyway. I called Matt when Gabriel got hysterical about the blood, it really wan't that much, and the fact it was hanging by the root. I didn't have the stomach to pull it myself, I do for a lot of things but I just couldn't do it. Matt told Gabriel to either leave it alone until he got home and he would pull it or to twist it and move it until it comes out. Gabriel did what his daddy told him to do and by late that afternoon it was out. Now Gabriel has that cute toothless lisp and has money in his pocket, the tooth fairy messed up and gave him more money than she was suppose to, what can we say, it was late. Oh well, we just told him we thought the tooth fairy meant for him to save it for something special.

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