Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

Another week has flown by. I just can't understand how it goes by so quickly. Maybe it's because school is almost over and I am not quite ready for summer yet, it's doesn't seem warm enough. Or maybe it's because we have been so busy these last few weeks that all our time has been used up. I don't know what it is but I would like the days to slow down and be enjoyable again, without the question of "Where did the day go, or the week for that matter?" Maybe with summer approaching and fewer activities that will happen. It's time for me to stop rambling and get to the filling up of the tank for this week.

1. Visiting Gabriel at school: Gabriel has wanted me to visit the school and help out in his class all year long. Today I was able to leave Elizabeth in the toddler room at preschool and then I was able to go to lunch with Gabriel's class. This was a big deal sinc none of the kids have eaten in the cafeteria before. Gabriel was excited to have me there and has thanked me several times. When I decided to stay home with the kids this was one of the reasons I chose to do so and with my other obligations and younger siblings I hadn't been able to swing it. Next year I hope it will be better.

2. The Trike-a-Thon: Yesterday Abby rode in the Trike-a-Thon to raise money to purchase new trikes and bumpers for the school. She had such a great time and for her it was even better because it was a day all about her. She is feeling that middle child thing. I'll post some pictures of her tomorrow.

3. Learning Tree School: I am so glad we have found such a loving, caring and educational preschool for the kids. The school was also a big help in the fact that they were able to keep Elizabeth for me today even though she is not an enrolled student. I don't know what I wuld have done without such a wonderful program.

4. MOPs: Yesterday we had our last MOPs meeting of the year. This group of women has become such a lifeline to me. I have met some of the best friends I have through this grou. This group has also helped me to grow spiritually and as a mom. I will miss this group tis summer, but look forward to being nvolved a little less as a Discusion Group leader.

5. Yoga: We recently puchased some yoga cards. For the past several days the kids have asked to get out the cards to do some Yoga. Several pictures are in the previous post. They have had a wonderful time with this and even Elizabeth has tried to join in.

6. Knock Knock Jokes: We got silly at the dinner table with Knock Knock Jokes the other night. Abby is still makig up silly ones and Gabriel is finally remembering and telling good ones. Even Elizabeth told a knock knock joke. I am just waiting on Matt to tell that story.

7. Dinner Time: We always try to eat as a family. Sometimes this proves to be difficult since Matt has class and the kids often have activities but lately we've been doing really well. We have also been having a lot of fun with Knock Knock jokes, silly beats, and just telling each other about our day. I have really enjoyed our dinner time together.

8. Matt's Break: This week Matt has had a break from school. It's been really good for Matt to be able to relax a little at night after work instead of having to head to class or to work on home work.

Okay that's my list for the week. I hope you take the time to be thankful. I know there are many much bigger things in life to be thankful for as well but this is an exercise to see all the little things as well. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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