Friday, May 09, 2008

Gabriel's Says

Lately Gabriel has been saying some funny things to Matt and I.

Last Night's conversation with Matt at bedtime.

Matt pulled back Gabriel's covers and discovered an arsenal of Playmobil knights, soldier men and airplanes.

Matt: "What's this?"
Gabriel: "How did that get there?"
Matt: "Gabriel, I'm not stupid."
Gabriel: (dropping his head) "I know."

Then the other day when we left MOPs to head to our house. Gabriel gets into the car asking if everyone is going to our house. He asks about a little girl in a red car. Here's how that conversation goes.

Gabriel: "Is everyone going to our house?"
Me: "Yes."
Gabriel: "Even the little girl I just met that's in the red car."
Me: "Everyone is going to our house Gabe."
Gabriel: "I like that little girl she's really pretty."
Me: "So you like a little girl? Who is she?"
Gabriel: "She rides in a red car and I think she's 5."

Then a little sheepishly he says, "I really like her, she's pretty."

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