Saturday, May 03, 2008

Funny Elizabeth Stories

Elizabeth keeps surprising me over and over again. You would think by the third child I wouldn't be surprised by much but here I am being surprised. The other night at dinner Gabriel and Abby started telling knock, knock jokes. All the jokes were silly, some were completely made up and made no sense and others were old knock, knock jokes. Gabriel and Abby started telling the "Orange you glad I didn't say banana" punch line joke. Elizabeth pipes up with knock, knock, we look at her and reply who's there. She replies back with, "Blaaaah!" Elizabeth told her first knock, knock joke.

The second time I was surprised was in the car after lunch one day. We were dropped Matt back off at work and Matt and I started discussing the rest of our day. I noticed that Abby and Gabriel were pretending to be asleep, eyes closed and snoring. Matt gets out of the car and opens the door to say goodbye and say, "Oh, they're asleep I guess I don't get to say goodbye after all." And they pop up. After I pull out and I'm driving I keep hearing someone in the back snoring. I look in my rear view mirror and who is pretending to be asleep? Elizabeth! She had her head turned sideways, eyes closed, and she was even making snoring sounds.

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