Monday, May 05, 2008

Abby's Green Beans

The other night we had green beans with dinner. All three kids love green beans and always have. That's why when we both looked over to see Abby picking the seeds out of her green beans and putting them on the table we were surprised. We watched her for a bit. She would pick out the seeds put them on the table and then she would eat the shell. After a while we asked her what she was doing. Her answer, "I'm picking the seeds out. I want to grow green beans." Her class at preschool has been learning about the part of a seed and even planted a bean for their class. We had to explain that cooked beans would not grow. I guess at some point I will really need to start that garden we have talked about. This year we are going to try our hand at growing red and yellow bell peppers though. The kids also like these and at $2.50 each it gets expensive fast.

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