Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

Today's Thursday Thanks Tank is going to be a little different. Today I want to express the thankfulness I have for my husband, Matt. It's funny how different Matt and I are but how well we get along, at least most of the time. Matt and I in many aspects are opposites of each other. Examples of this are: Matt likes Heavy Metal and I like country. Matt is a night owl and I am a morning person. I like really hot showers and Matt likes cool ones. I like things to be picked up and put away and this doesn't seem to bother Matt, unless it's really bad. Matt is definately more fiscally focused while I am not. I am optimistic and Matt is pessimistic. But despite thses differences we have learned how to get along with one another. We have also learned to respect or accept that we will not always agree with each other and have learned to work that out.
Early in our marriage we had to learn how to work as a team, fight together, make up and just plain live with one another. Our first year of marriage to be quite honest was rocky. I have often said that I was glad that we didn't get pregnant until later since we had to learn all of this first. I think that because we were able to learn all of these lessons together we have made our marriage that much stronger. We still fight and we still have our differences but we have learned how to fight and how to work out those differences, and then how to make up. I think that one of the most important things we learned is to respect one another by not airing our dirty laundry to others, especially family. We do sometimes find the need to vent and do so but try to do it in a respectful way. We have also learned how to help each other and not always ourselves which is very important. All the little things we do for each other are not always recognized but we do them all the same.
Lately Matt has been so busy with work and school that he has had little time for himself much less his family. I think we are all counting down the days to his graduation. Despite his lack of time he is finding as many opportunities as possible to spend with us. He is setting aside time to not only spend fun time with us but to help out with menial jobs like cleaning the kitchen, bathing the kids, reading stories, tucking in children, picking up around the house, mowing and an abudance of other household chores I generally try to take on myself. He also trys to make a point of being home for dinner every night, which I find extremely important. I am so thankful for his willingness to help me in all these ways. I am also thankful for his willingness to watch the kids so that I can attend my monthly BUNCO games or Mom's Night Out nights. He understands that these nights are not only fun nights for me but also nights I need to maintain my sanity. Matt is such a wonderful, generous, loving and kind man. I am so thankful that God put such a man in my path to marry and spend my life with. I'm not sure what I would do with out him.

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Doug McCaughan said...

I usually avoid putting unrelated comments under a post but I was so wow'd today that I felt it needed to be said publicly rather than in email..I mean wow! I normally read in feed so I don't see the layout changes and I really like what you've done with the site! The header image is awesome! And the choice of going with a dark background really makes it pop. Nice work!