Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

Today I have several concerns and prayers to share and then I will give my list of Thankful thoughts.

1. My Grandmother- My grandmother, Vergie, was taken to the hospital today with the flu. She has been on a IV for fluids but today she took a turn for the worse. She was admitted because she began having trouble breathing. So please pray for comfort and healing for her, her family and the doctors and nurses caring for her.

2. Jody who is one of our MOPS mentors had her mother pass away this weekend. Please pray for comfort and peace in their time of grief. And help them find comfort in the knowing that their loved one is now with Our Lord and Savior.

Now I can express my Thankful thoughts for the week. Hopefully, these thoughts will help you to think of some reasons that you are thankful. There is always at least one thing in life to be thankful for but I'm sure once you start thinking of them you will come up with more.

1. Matt home: I am thankful that Matt is home and will be home this weekend. Though he wasn't gone long he was missed a great deal. Elizabeth even woke up one morning looking for him pointing to the steps and saying, "Dada."

2. Snow: Right now as I am typing this we are getting snow. I love watching it fall. I love watching the kids play in the snow as they throw snowballs, make snow angels and try catching snow flakes. I need to remember to put a bowl outside to catch some clean snow for snow cream for after dinner.

3. Laughter: I enjoy being able to laugh at Matt's antics with the Poll. It's fun to be able to joke together on simple things and sometimes even the big ones.

4. Playing games: We've been playing a lot of games with the kids lately. It has been fun to have that together time with the whole family. Right now the favorite is UNO. Pretty soon though we will have to get out Lucky Ducks so that Elizabeth can participate more.

5. Helping Hands: I am thankful for the help that I get from friends and family.

6. Prayer: I am thankful for the comfort that prayer gives me both when I joyous and down.

7. Extended Family: I enjoy my extended and am thankful for them. I don't get to see many of my extended families members as much as I would like but I enjoy them none the less. I miss all the family get togethers we use to have when my grandparents owned their lake house. Those were some goo times.

8. Music: Music is comforting, uplifting and can transport you back to the past. I have been exploring music from my past this week and have really enjoyed it. I have even shared my music search with my mom, my sister, and Matt. We have begun music discussions that have been wonderful. Gabriel and Abby got into listening to it as well. Matt told me my list was inpressive for me because I can't remember music titles or witers but came up with a pretty decent list.

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