Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not His Father's Son....Well Maybe He Is

Last Wednesday night Gabriel couldn't seem to get me out of the house fast enough. Here was our conversation;

Gabriel: "Aren't you going to play BUNCO?"
Me: "Yes, but it's not time to leave yet."
Gabriel: "Well, when are you leaving?"
Me: "Are you trying to get rid of me."
Gabriel: "NO, I just want you to go and have a good time at BUNCO."
Me: "Oh." (Standing there thinking where does he learn this stuff.)

Today, Gabriel went to the grocery store with me. On the car ride there here is the conversation we had.

Gabriel: "Mom, you've got a lot of wrinkles under your eyes."
Me: "What?"
Gabriel: "He repeats."
Me: "You don't tell women they have wrinkles." (Then I check for said wrinkles.)
Gabriel: "I'm going to be in trouble for that one aren't I?"

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