Friday, February 22, 2008

I Love Generational Keepsake Items

When we had Gabriel we were handed down several keepsake items from both side of the family. My mother had saved several of my baby blankets, some of my brothers and the girl's clothes that my sister and I wore and a beautiful christening gown. That all three girl's have worn from my side of the family. My mother-in-law, Gloria, handed down a blanket used to bring home all three of her kids, some of Cathy's, and then ours. She also handed down a wonderful bassinet that was used by two of Cathy's kids, all three of mine, one of my sister's, and soon it will be also used for Danny and Lucy's little girl Rexi. I just love the continuity of something like this. And just so that we all remember for generations to come I wrote the names and birth dates of each child who has used the bassinet on the bottom. I hope that all the kids appreciate these keepsake items as they grow-up and don't find them useless and too sentimental.

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