Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Over Christmas

Over Christmas we had several exciting things happen.

On Christmas Day Elizabeth took her first unencouraged steps. She had two bottles of antibacterial foam in her hands, holding them straight up in the air she lets go of the table and walks toward me. She took 5 or 6 steps before she plopped down on her bum. It was pretty exciting for us. We are now able to say that Elizabeth's present to us was to walk on Christmas Day.

The second exciting thing that happened was that Gabriel lost two teeth over Christmas. He lost one at my sister's house, more on that in a minute, and lost the second one yesterday during rest time. The back story on Gabriel losing his tooth at my sister's is as follows. Gabriel and Abby both spent the night with my sister's kids. I get a call from my sister the next moring saying that Gabriel has lost his tooth and can't find it. I throw on some clothes and head up the hill to see what I can do. Armed with money from the Tooth Fairy I am ready to put some money under his pillow and say that the Tooth Fairy must have already taken his tooth. Anyway, I start asking Gabriel when he knew it was missing, what he was doing that morning, etc. Upon investigation my sister remembers that the kids ate apples that moring. We locate his apple and I start looking for a tooth sticking out of it, my sister says something about swallowing it and before she even says it I say, I don't want it that badly. Then Gabriel all the sudden remembers the 'seed' he spit out in the window sill. I was gald he didn't throw it away but man I wish he didn't spit it out in the window sill and leave it for Kim to find later.

The second tooth loss was much less eventful. Though we did have some searching to do last night since the tooth fell out of the Tooth Fairy pillow. By the way I like the pillow because I don't have to rifle under the pillow looking for the tooth. We leave the pillow hanging on the door. It makes it much easier.

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Jane Anne said...

Too funny about the seed in the window sill! I like the hanging pillow idea. Jonathan hasn't lost any teeth yet and he will be 7 in April. I have to get busy on the tooth fairy pillow!