Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today my heart is thankful for:
1. Feel better: Abby is feeling much better now that she is able to eat regular foods and theat she is getting back to her noramal routine.
2. No more fever: I am thankful that Elizabeth is no longer running a fever. Her highest temp was 105.4 on Tuesday night. Her fever broke shortly after that and never returned. I just wish her bowels would get back to normal and the congestion would become a thing of the past.
3. Christmas movies: I have really been enjoying the peace and quiet at night and relaxing while watching a Christmas movie.
4. Coffee: I have really been enjoying my coffee lately. Peppermint Mocha is my favorite. I will be sad to see it leave until next year. But I am enjoying it while it is here.
5. Chritmas decorations: I am really enjoying the Chirstmas decorations in my home and in the homes of others.
6. Teachers: I am thankful for the kids' teachers. I am so thankful that they are loving, helpful, and caring as well as firm when needed.
7. Kid like joy: I am thankful for the kids like joy I saw in Matt this evening when we were discussing presents.
8. Excitement: I am thankful for the excitement I see in my children as we prepare for Christmas. I enjoy seeing the giving heart in both Abby and Gabriel as we discussed taking treats to our neighbors and presents to those children who are less fortunate.
9. I am thankful to God for sending us Jesus so that we could have ever lasting life.

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Matt said...

I am excited about your gifts this year... I think it will be a fun gift-giving!