Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Thursday is here already. I can't believe another week has past. I have been so busy this past week getting ready for Christmas and all that goes along with it. Here are several things I am thankful for this week.

1. Teachers: I am thankful for the caring, loving teachers that my children have. I am so glad that I have teachers who care for and love being with my children. Both sets of teachers have taken a sincere look at my kids and know when something is bothering them or when something is going right. They compliment them and ask for my help or opinion when needed. This means so much to me. I am gald my children have them.

2. Friends: The kids and I had a playdate yesterday. We made reindeer t-shirts with the kids' foot and hand prints. I had a really good time spending most of the morning and part of the afternoon talking with the other moms and watching our kids play. It's nice to know and see that we all have similar outlooks on life. I am just so thankful for the friends in my life.

3. Peppermint Mocha: The time of peppermint mocha is coming to an end. That is one of my biggest vices when it comes to my coffee. The stores will soon stop carrying the peppermint mocha creamers so in the meantime I will enjoy and be thankful for it.

4. Christmas Cards: I love Christmas cards. I enjoy seeing pictures of everyone's children and reading about what is going on in everyone's lives. I enjoy using them to decorate around the door and to see the kids gaze upon the pictures and recoginze friends and family both near and far but close to our hearts.

5. Christmas Lights: I don't know if it is from my childhood memories but I love Christmas lights. I enjoy driving around and looking at all the lights on the houses.

6. Christmas Carols: I enjoy singing Christmas carols with my family. Lately, almost everytime we are in the car the kids ask to sing Christmas songs. They don't always know the words but they enjoy singing just the same.

7. Gabriel's excitement: I enjoyed seeing the excitement on Gabriel's face when he received his medal at hockey on Tuesday night. He told Matt, "It's the best day ever." He has also repeatedly asked if I have signed him up for session 2 yet.

8. Abby's excitement: Matt was able to come to Abby's gymnastics practice today. It was fun seeing how excieted she as that he was there watching. She kept looking over to wave and smile at us. She would then tell her instructor, "That's my daddy and mommy."

9. 1st Birthdays: I am so thankful for Elizabeth's 1st birthday. We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating her birth and her first year. I also enjoyed watching Gabriel's and Abby's excitement over celebrating her birthday. They made sure we had cake and presents for her.

10. Matt: I am so thankful that I have a caring, loving, and sincere husband. Matt encourages me in so many ways and helps out in so many too. I love him more every day and thank God for bringing him into my life.

11. Jesus: I am thankful for the birth of Jesus who was born to save us. The Christmas story is such a wonderful story. I cry almost everytime I read it. I hope that my children continue to grow to know Christ and enjoy the stories from the Bible as much as I do.

This week my list is long. It could be much longer but I am going to stop. I saved the biggest for last and it is the thing I am most thankful for. I hope everyone has a joyous Christmas and remembers the birth of the newborn King and all he represents.

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Jane Anne said...

Incredible list!! I really appreciated all of the things you mentioned. It is neat how your list makes me feel thankful for similar things in my life. I didn't get around to my list until this morning.