Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thanks Tank Thursday

I have really begun to enjoy doing Thanks Tank Thursdays. Here's a list of thanks for this week.

1. Mom's Night Out: Last night we had our first Mom's Night Out for MOPS. I hosted a BUNCO night at my house. Most of the moms were steering members and then a couple of old members and one new member. It was great to have a new member come to such a function barely knowing everyone. I think everyone had a lot of fun. I even had to kick out some dear friends at 1:00 because they were having so much fun socializing. Which made for a hard morning getting out of bed!!
2. Friends you can count on.
3. Matt having a poker night. I am so thankful that Matt is taking the time to do something fun for himself. It's been a long time since he has done something fun and this should prove to be a lot of fun for him.
4. Target with a Starbucks: Matt won't like this one but what could be better than coffee and shopping in the same place. We even had our steering meeting there so we could go shopping afterwards.
5. Prayers being answered.
6. Spending time as a family.
7. Enjoying relaxing evenings with Matt. This week The Dukes of Hazzard movie was on t.v. I can honestly say I did not like the fact that Bo and Luke were portrayed as idiots. And there were several other major changes I did not like. But I did find it very humorous. I laughed and so did Matt. But I would probably never pay money to see it.
8. Having a organized art closet. Now I just need to organize everything else!!


Jane Anne said...

Matt doesn't like the Target/Starbucks combo? Both Target and Starbucks are pretty dear to me (income and expenditure). Which doesn't he like... or is it the money spent part??

Carmom said...

It's the money part. What's really bad is that when I drop Abby off at school I would meet friends at Target every week so chat. That got me into a lot of trouble :)