Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pool Fence

Several weeks ago now my dad came up and put in a fence around the pool. It was something we needed very badly in order to help keep the kids safe. We found out that we couldn't use an automatic pool cover because we have a salt water pool. We also had a sliding glass door so we didn't have a keyed lock to help secure the door. It is amazing the difference have a fence has made. I no longer have to keep putting kids in time out or not allowing the in the back yard because they just couldn't stay away from the water. It has made playing in the back yard so much moe enjoyable. And I know that my kids are that much safer.

Thanks, Dad!!!

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Pool Safety Fencing said...

hmm If I may ask, what is that pool covering made of? and where did you buy it?
By the way, nice looking fence! looks safe to me. kudos to your daddy :)