Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Abby is Potty Trained

Abby did not want to be potty trained. I kept waiting for it to just happen, but i seemed like it never would so I took matters into my own hands. I started telling her that once school let out she was going to start wearing underwear. I told her this everyday until a couple of days before when I started counting down the days. Then on that Monday I took all the pull ups and diapers out of her room and put her in panties. I explained to her that she would need to use the potty if she didn't want to get wet and dirty. For days she never went to the potty, she had accidents, which she cleaned up. Then she started pee peeing on the potty. And then on the day we went to Tennessee she never had another accident. That is until we got home. And then she had two. She seems to have adjusted again but is now complaining that her tummy hurts. She hasn't pooped in two days. I guess that one is just a matter of time.

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