Friday, April 13, 2007

Matt Thinks I'm Crazy

Next year I will be very involved in several things I find important. I will be the Crafts Cooridnator for MOPS next year, I did it this year but as for next year I will need someone to clean up and put away the crafts since I will have to leave early to pick up Gabriel from Kindergarten. I was also asked to do Publicity for the Newcomers Club. This is probably the easiest job I have for next year and the least time consuming, it is also the one Matt likes the least. The final job is being on the Board of Directors for the Preschool the kids are and will be attending. I also plan on helping out in Gabriel's classroom as needed and being involved with the PTA. I guess I will find out how well I can manage my time with family, kids, Matt going to school and being involved in these activities.


Matt said...

Mornings like today prove me right. You sign up for too much... more than you can handle, then stress out over it.

Carmom said...

I had just forgotten to write it down. It would have worked out even if you hadn't helped. But I'm glad you did because it made it much easier.