Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Egg Hunts

Every year since high school we have continued our egg hunts with money in the eggs instead of candy. Over the years it has gotten more fun and aggressive. This year it was decided that Sportsmanship awards should be given to both my sister and my sister-in-law.

My sister-in law gets the best sportsmanship award for letting Mark have the egg he saw from a distance. He told her the yellow egg on the gutter was his, she looked up shrugged and walked on by allowing him to get his egg.

My sister gets the worst sportsmanship award for taking the egg out of the bird feeder after I opened the lid. She grab the egg before I could get my hand inside.

I do have to say I have done my own fair share of pushing over the years. And it's fun to look back on it and laugh. Though time blurs for some of us.


etsuko said...

Thank you for giving me the best sportsmanship award this year. I really like my new title. Did you do egg fight with Kim this year? OH, NO, I missed to see it!!

Carmom said...

It was actually Mark who awarded the awards. I thought it was funny and fun so I thought I would mention it.