Saturday, March 31, 2007

Emergency Trip to the Doctor's Office

This morning Abby tripped and fell into the bookcase in her bedroom, hitting her head. When I looked she had blood on the floor, hands and running down her face. Once I got her cleaned up I could see it was a small gash but fairly deep and would need attention so as not to scar too badly. I tried calling Matt, who was at the library, but he had left his phone here so I got Elizabeth up, and then loaded all three children into the car and called the doctor's office to see if I should bring her in or take her to the hospital. I took her in and they glued the wound shut after cleaning out some paint chips that were inbedded in the wound. All in all she was fine and barely cried after I got the bleeding stopped the the doctor quit messing with her. I'll add a picture later since it is covered with a bandaid right now and she is sleeping. This was our first and probably not last emergency doctor's visit. I was just glad that it was Saturday and that they could see her. It saved up a trip to the emergency room.

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Danny said...

Dear Gabe, I am very disappointed in you. Not only are you the eldest, but you are also a boy, yet you let your younger sister get the first trip to the emergency room. Be a man!