Monday, February 19, 2007

Kindergarten for Gabriel

In Tennessee the cut off date for Kindergarten is September. Here in Indiana the cut off date is August. Gabriel was born in May and I have been trying to decide wether or not Gabriel should attend Kindergarten next year. I really feel like he is ready. But part of me wonders if I am making the right decision. I know that he knows everything he should and more to be ready for Kindergarten but I guess my main concern is socail skills. Part of me thinks he is fine and another part thinks he could use more time to mature. From a teacher stand point I think I would tell the parent he is ready and that is what his teachers have told me but I have some reservations. I guess it really won't hurt either way so we will be going to the Kindergarten round up on March 5th and the plan is for him to attend Kindergarten in the Fall. From then on we will be slaves to the schools schedule.


cathy said...

You know you aren't really slaves to the school schedule. You can decide at any time to repeat a year, not repeat when it is suggested, change to private or homeschool.

Carmom said...

I was referring to the fact that the kids have to attend so many days a year or they will not be allowed to move up a grade the following year. We won't be able to visit family as we have been the last couple of years. We will have to wait for holidays.