Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm Back

After a brief vacation I am back to blogging. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with lots of family visiting for the holidays. We were glad for the company and the help but are also glad to get things back to normal. The kids are adjusting to life with Elizabeth just fine. But I will be glad when she becomes more of a normal fixture in the household. Right now everytime she cries, nurses, or is moved from arms, bouncy seat, or swing the kids have to investigate. The first couple of times was cute now I just want things to normalize, though I am glad that the kids are interested in their sister.

Elizabeth is a really good baby waking every 4-5 hours at night and about every 3 during the day to nurse. She very rarely cries but will give you some killer smiles. She became a very spoiled baby while family was here with everyone wanting to hold her. But she is adjusting to less holding just fine. We are looking forward to visiting with family in Tennessee in February but in the mean time our lives will get back to normal and I will be posting on a more regular basis again.

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