Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am now computerless

I really miss my computer. It had been having trouble for a while but we had hoped it would last a little while longer but it is no more. I just hope we will be able to retreive everything off the computer, which Matt assures me we can, that we need, like Elizabeth's pictures from the hospital.

I didn't realize how often I checked my email and looked things up on the computer until just recently. I have found it harder to do this on Matt 's computer because his is in the basement and the kids are generally upstairs and it leaves them unsupervisied. But I am adjusting.

Gabriel will be glad when we finally get a computer he can play his games on again. He loved playing his games but for the past year anytime you put in a CD-ROM it would crash my computer and Matt doesn't want the kids on his computer so Gabriel has not been able to play his games in a while. Hopefully we will be able to get a new computer sometime soon, we just don't know when yet.


Danny said...

You should bury it in the yard, with a little stone inscribed, "In Loving Memory"

Danny said...

I think your hubby is using this as an excuse to buy himself a new computer.

Matt said...

I got put in my place.