Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things to do before the 19th

1. pack bag for hospital - done
2. wash car seat cover - done
3. install carseat in van- done
4. clean house before Monday when Mom gets here.
5. charge batteries for camcorder -done needed it for tomorrow Christmas program
6. pack camera and camcorder - done
7. make sure we have extra batteries for camera - done
8. make a list of kids' schedules, food preferences, and routines for mom - it was asked for so I am working on it-done
9. go over email list with Matt for after baby is born-done
10. wrap the last of Christmas presents- done
11. get haircut (Thursday)- done
12. get pedicure and manicure (Saturday)
13. put together and deliver class treats - done
14. give teacher presents - gave to another parent to wrap since we went in together on them- done
15. find time to relax


Cathy said...

The house is fine. Matt and the children will be fine. Don't clean, your mom will just re-do it. Don't make lists, they can figure it all out themselves. Make Matt charge the batteries, buy spares, finish the wrapping and install the carseat.

Danny said...

Mark your calendars, folks: Cathy and I agree.

mark said...

Cathy - could not have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Please add us to your email list :)

Can't wait for the announcement

The Vaughans
Dennis, Leslie, Ella and Campbell

Carmom said...

I don't seem to have your email address. Would you please give it to me. Thanks!

matt said...

I think I have leslie's in my msn box, if she works in the same place still.