Monday, July 10, 2006

This Week

Since we are leaving for Flordia on Friday I will be spending the week cleaning the house, packing and shopping for those last minute items we need for the beach and trip down there. We will be spending a week at this house with my parents, sister's family and possibly my brother's family, depending on how Etsuko feels when she returns from her trip to Japan. We use to vacation here every year until my 2nd year of college. I am interested in seeing how much the area has changed, but there is not much room for growth and very little to do than fish and hang out on the beach. I am really looking forward to this vacation though. I hope Matt and the kids enjoy it and have many fond memories. I think I am looking forward to seeing Matt scallop the most.

Update: The upstairs is in order and clean. Part of the packing is completed and most of the shopping is done. I just hope it can last through the rest of the week.

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etsuko said...

Dave told me about the beach. I was not sure whether I will go or not because I might be tired after long flight and jet lag. However, since I saw the house, I am really interested in going there. I really want to go there now!!The house is very nice!!! I hope I have a power to go there after Japan trip.