Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thoughts of Japan

My sister-in-law, Etsuko, is back in Japan visiting her family. Seeing the pictures of some of the people we met and the places we visited brings back some good memories. I enjoyed my visit to Japan even though I was not feeling my best and came back a week earlier than I was suppose to. I didn't get the full enjoyment for several reasons which included morning sickness and a dislike of fish. I was also very concerned about eating something that could harm the baby, it was during my first pregnancy. We visited her uncle's Shushi resturant while we were there and had some really good shushi. We also visited a nursery and saw some beautiful mums and orchids. While we were there they were having their annual mum show. It was beautiful. I'll post some pictures later when I have time to find them. I am just so glad I had the chance to go to Japan. I am glad that Etsuko is having such a good time visiting her family and I hope she comes back safe and happy.

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etsuko said...

It is good memory for me that Dave's family came to Japan. I know it is very hard to do again, but someday I hope your family come to Japan. It will be second time for Gabriel!!