Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ice Skating

Gabriel wants to go ice skating. He's been asking to go for months now. I really don't think he has the coordination yet but he wants to go. I can't sakte right now so the job is falling to Matt. My parents may be coming this weekend. Their response to go skating is, "we'll watch." Gabriel asked them if they were too old to go skating. MeMa said,"No, just decrepit." Which Gabriel repeated not knowing what it meant. Open skate at the Hamilton Center Ice Arena is from 1:15-3:15 and 8:40-10:00 on Saturday. We will see if this works out. Otherwise maybe I can sign Gabriel up for the tot ice skating lessons on Saturday mornings. I always said I would let the kids try any sport they wanted to. And Gabriel did ask to do this.

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Cathy said...

Some ice rinks have walkers on wheels for beginner skaters. Call yours and ask.