Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Abby!!!

Moving you to a big girl bed has signified that you are no longer a baby. Though you will always be my baby. You are turning two today and you are and always will be my little girl. I am so blessed to have you for my daughter. I have enjoyed dressing you up and will enjoy doing all the girl things I hope you will eventually come to love. I have enjoyed all the changes you have gone through in the past year. Starting to walk, talking on the phone, your dancing anytime there is music, your calls and squeals of delight whenever your Daddy comes home, your hugs and love pats that I hope will never stop but that I know will as you get "too old". I have enjoyed your laid back attitude and watching you get the best of your brother. There is so much more to be said but I will stop and tell you instead I love you. Thank you for being who you are.

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