Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Results to MRI

I visited the doctor to find out the results to my MRI today and I have a solid mass in the left abdominal muscle wall. His recommendation is surgery to have it removed. It will then be sent off to be biopsied. He said he didn't think it would be malignant but that a biopsy would tell. He also said that I might need to have additional surgery depending on what the results were. I was also informed that after the surgery I would not be able to lift anything weighing more than 10 lbs. This will be fun and enjoyable for me I had a hard time not lifting anything more than what the baby weighed after my c-sections.

Of course Matt is worried and ready to take time off. It makes me feel good to know he cares but the extent of his worry is also making me more anxious. So now we have the kid's surgeries to get through and then mine. Or medical bills are going to be through the roof!!

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