Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Stressed: Not a Good Feeling

With our travel plans fast approaching I am beginning to fell stressed about accomplishing all my goals. I still have several items left to make in my sew room. I also have several key gift items to locate and purchase. Along with these things Gabriel and Abby both have a Christmas program and ENT appointments this week. Gabriel has been invited to a birthday party on Sat. and I had so hoped to use Sat. to finish what sewing I don't finish this week. I also have to find the time to go to the grocery and buy items I am running low on. Then next week Gabriel has his first dentist appointment to have his teeth cleaned. And along with all that I have to finish wrapping everything and get the whole family packed and ready to go to Chattanooga and then Knoxville sometime next week. With all this going on with just two kids I can't imagine what Cathy has to go through planning stuff for her five kids.

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