Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Matt is Traveling

Matt will be traveling on and off for the next week and a half. He will be in Nashville, TN and then back here for a few days and then will take off for Mexico. The funny thing is this weekend he wants to go the the ethnic celebration who's host country is Mexico. We have heard that there is some really good food to be had at this celebration. I guess we shall soon see. I am also hoping to go to a pumpkin fest this weekend as well. I think it will be fun to watch the kids pick out their pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, wether they are alreay picked or not. The pumpkin festival will also have several other activities going on too so it should be lots of fun. As for the times when Matt is gone I guess our lives will go on pretty much as they normally do. Gabriel really misses his daddy already and enjoyed talking to him on the phone. He also really enjoyed getting a message from him on the stuff dog that Uncle Danny and Aunt Lucy gave him a couple of years ago. The dog has a record and play button. It's also very soft and loveable. Gabriel has taken to sleeping with it lately. Though Mo is far from being forgotten.

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