Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lazy Morning Pictures

These were pictures from our lazy Saturday morning. Though both Abby and Gabriel are smiling for both these pictures they were not feeling well and were having a rough morning. On Monday I took them back to the doctor and sure enough they both still had ear infections. Gabriel's had changed ears and one of Abby's had cleared up but one was still infected. She had also developed a worse cough than she had before. So back to the pharmacy for more drugs. Hopefully this time they will get better.
We also discussed wether or not to have the kids vaccinated for the flu. I almost got the impression from the doctor that he wouldn't do it. He point blank asked me if I was comfortable with the risks and with what it does and soes not do, i.e. it's only made for one strain. I think I have decided that Abby will get the shot and I'll leave Gabriel to his own devices so to speak. Abby has to have some other vaccines anyway and is still in the risk factor if she does get the flu. Anyboby have any thoughts on what to do?

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