Saturday, October 01, 2005

Digital Cameras

Does anyone have any useful information on digital cameras for us. I am trying to figure out what we really need or what is just 'icing on the cake.' I know several things I want they are as follows more megapixels, our current camrea has 1.3, a flash that doesn't have to recharge before each picture, and a short delay time, ours takes forever to take the picture. Most of the time the action is over by the time the we can take a picture. I also want a shorter delay between pictures. If you can give me helpful advice I would really appreciate it. We have looked at consumer reports but this gave me minimal help.

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djuggler said...

Spend a bunch of time at Digital Picture Review It was the site that made the difference in choosing Cathy's camera.

I'm a huge Nikon fan but Canon really has the digital camera figured out when it comes to bang for the buck.

Remember that the higher megapixels the greater the hard drive space. So budget for 1) a camera 2) good sized memory card ($45-200 - watch Slick Deals for good memory card prices) and 3) (possibly) a new hard drive (see also

I probably wouldn't drop below 5megapixels. The Canon PowerShot A95 is a great camera.